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Hobbits, Harry Potter and Lizards

Hey guys are we being wussified again. We are either little fat trolls, magical teenage wizards or Lizards.  Has the real man been left out of fantasy and animation movies because he is to masculine for our culture.

We need to get more guys back into the mainstream media, and not just in sports, nascar or police dramas. I liked the OSCAR S when the had a few movies like TRUE GRIT, THE FIGHTER, or INCEPTION where they had some guys portrayed in a saddle, shoot em up, or Scifi films, but none of  the actors or movies won really anything.

Dont get me wrong I like Hobbits and Animation movies like Shrek are great, but when are we going to see the Unforgiven type (Clint Eastwood), or The Hurt Locker(Explosives type of guy), or Shawshank (Crawled to freedom guy). You know the guy that can ride tall in the saddle, face any type of explosive situation or when his back is against wall will crawl 500 yards to freedom.

I know we get a few movies that show guys tough sides like the ones above, but we get a lot more movies with lizards, wizards and hobbits. We had the Kings Speech, The Social Network and Toy Story 3 type of movies.

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