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Stupid People…. Still exist

Ok I know now that all the stupid people didn’t die off with the  last  Neanderthal extinction… at least some of these people could build fires, it was there tool making that  was their failure.

However this past week with the Japan disaster coming into full light we see some more stupid people and when I mean stupid I mean ignorant, inbreed and for a better word stupid.

This last week we have had one UCLA student put a video on YOUTUBE ranting about asisans in the library, Gilbert Godfried making bad jokes about the Japanese and finally the hot air bag Rush Limbaugh giving us his view that Japanese are good recyclers in reference to the Tsunami cleanup.

So it is my conclusion that the Neanderthals didn’t die off but inhabited the likes of stupid like Gottfried, Limbaugh and this girl at UCLA. I think if you look closely at their pics you will see the low brow ridges,large nostrils and  quizzical look on their faces. Though experts debate whether they are a species or subspecies of the Human tree, there is no doubt in my mind that they inbreed 50k yrs ago and we still have this inbreed people around nowadays. Lets hope that the rest of the human species can mute these stupid people with are actions and good deeds.

Now only if they could dance, I mean the people not the monkeys.

Happy St Pats Day.

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