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Blade Runner coming back…

Ok maybe not the original but there is talk of a sequel. Something us guys can sink or teeth into human androids, guns, flying cars, and genetic research. However the sequel probably wont have  Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer or  Daryl Hannah  in it, but it might still be pretty good we are coming close to that timeframe iin the movie, which is 2019.

Sci-fi movies I think have got a lot better over the last 30  plus years.  Before the 1980s we had War of the Worlds, The Day the Earth Stood Still,The Thing and The Blob all done in the 1950s, however there sequels which were made 30 plus years later looked much better.  I think this is because they used cardboard cutouts, bad special effects, and weak filmmaking techniques. The sci-fi  films starting from  the mid 1970s onward have been some of the best films I think done in science fiction. So with that I want to  present my favorite  top 5  sci-fi films or a guys list to sci-fi.

1. Blade  Runner.  Ultimate sci-fi thriller with Harrison Ford (Deckard the bounty hunter) chasing down a renegade replicant group, which has a spandex kick butt femme fatale in Daryl Hannah and a  methodical dangerous leader in Rutger Hauer all fought in the near future world of Los Angeles.


2. Star Wars. Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Chewbecca and other well-known droids must fight the Empire, Death Star and Darth Vader in order to  rescue Princess Leia and save the Universe.



3.Alien. Ripley works on a deep space mining vessel they explores a planet and they come into contact with alien creatures which take over and inhabits the human body. Basically  she fights  Aliens creatures that have large teeth, claws and tales and have acid foaming from their mouths.  Probably one of the most scariest creatures every put on film.

4. Terminator. Sara Conner, and Reiess a  future human resistance soldier must stop the Terminator a humanoid skinned cyborg  that is trying to kill Sara who offers all hope for future human resistance to skynet.



5.The Matrix. Neo,Morpheus and Trinty must fight for humans against a powerful computer program which captures humans and uses them to power the machines.

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