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Man Down….Men Think About Sex…. And Charlie Sheen is Our Poster Boy

It has been a bad week to be a man ” guys”. Basically we have Charlie Sheen as our poster boy, who is into drugs, sex, Hookers and everything under the sun. Everytime he opens his mouth something stupid manages to come out. He is not the spokesman for manhood or men in general, but is more like a shock jock. Even Howard Stern isn’t as wacky as this guy and Glen Becks incoherent rants actually start to make sense next to what this guy puts out.

But that wasnt all the great news mankind we got 2 books out this week from guys who, I think no nothing about being a guy. No steak, sports car driving, sportsloving, hunting or fishing in the great outdoor for these 2 clowns. They set the male culture back about 1 million years.

This one guy actually came up with a book titled get this  “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex”. What is really funny about the book is it is full of blank pages, so I guess we can fill in the blank pages. The thing it’s actually a best seller,( what is wrong with that picture?). Guy claims he did 39 yrs of research. PT Barnum said a sucker is born everyday. I think I will wait for the DVD, all that is right, I already got it I will turn my tv to a white static station and think about Sex.

The other book that came out was “Man Down”, to keep it short I will say the views of this clown basically put women at the top of the food chain, make them mother goddess and the creator of all that is good. Look the ladies already live longer than us guys, probably do have a better sense of smell and taste ,live a more healthy lifestyle and are more compassionate then us heathen neanderthals, but we guys have a lot of good attributes also. Yes ladies we are gun-toting, red meat-eating, violent and war mongering sub humans at times, but we have other good traits also. Like strength and confidence in our mood and actions or how about our spatial visualization abilities(puzzles, math,computers, tearing cars apart, rocket engines etc ) which have helped humankind  build the wheel, irrigate crops, put up the pyramids,discover and harness electricity, fly planes  and then rockets to the moon, and put this little device I am typing on together, you know the one with hundreds of electronic parts in it, the computer.

To summarize there will always be differences between men and women, but combined we are formidable species that has conquered the land,air and sea.

We have went to the deepest depths in the worlds oceans, climbed the highest peaks, conquered disease,  and produced music, food and clothing that is still used by society,  just to name a few things we have done. No other species or creature has been able to do any of these things. To finalize it is time to Man Up guys.

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