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Chicks dig me for 1000 Alex

Have we finally met our automated computer androids are we doomed as a species for extinction on this floating rock in space. Guys we have been self-absorbed, in fast cars, making money, adventure, travel, beer, sports, war, world domination and just about everything under the sun, but maybe we should have been worried about that big brainy box that we consume half of our time with nowadays. You know the one that controls the markets,the internet, games, tv programs, cars, airplanes, power facilities,Strategic Air Command (SAC) and millions of other things in the world. Or should we standby and let or computers  take us over or  is it time to destroy skynet.

What do we  really have to fear guys Watson(IBM supercomputer) would tell you “Chicks Dig Me”(Female Archaeologists) and as long as you have an in with the ladies maybe that’s a good thing.  Can you imagine a world where us guys don’t have to deal with birthdays, holidays, and valentines day or having to go to an opera, a recital or a play, and  no more shopping in fashion stories.

Up till now or  ability to conquer the world with our big brain, opposable thumb, bi-pedal motion and basic knuckle dragging techniques have enabled us to  conquer ocean, space and air. We have been able to make fire, survive the elements and split the atom.  Computers have finally conquered our tools, techniques and have the smarts of the average human being, what do we have left to offer….. maybe we have one last thing that makes us unique that they can’t conquer. You know what it is folks; that scary feeling we get after watching a scary movie, that first kiss,or that gut laugh after someone gets hit in the face with a pie. Yes that one thing we have that the computers don’t have…emotion. ..YET.

For now I will finish up  by  welcoming our future computer overlords.

P.S  When they start testing the H.A.L 2000 pie in the face or Watson squirting  daisy, watch out world.. skynet must be destroyed. HA.HA. H.A.L

human: Knock,knock

computer:  Who’s there?

human: Spy

computer: Spy who

human : Spyware

computer: spywhere

human:no spyware

Sorry about that puny joke.


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