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A Real Lady Killer…. Polamalu.

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The votes are in and  girls just love the Steelers. It must be something about that long hair,  or the men in black look. No wuss colors, here. Here we go…….


Superbowl preview..Here We GO

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Real Men Drive

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New MANual Resolutions

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New Year , new guy, new me.  It is time for us Men to make a few resolutions for the New Year. No more sissy suits or wingtips. Time to put back on your camos, flannels, jeans and boots and  get grease, paint, oil, and woodchips back under our nails, and in our hair.

No more ballets, art galleries, or musicals. No more acts, plays or sculptures. We want to fish, hunt, hike and basically become one with the outdoors. Our ancestors basically crawled out of caves, sailed the oceans, hacked their way through the wilderness so why can’t we.

No more Minivans, station wagons, or mopeds. We want motorcycles,trucks, and muscle cars that can go  out and conquer the dirt and mud of the great outdoors or do 105 in first gear.

No more salads, wines, and  yogurt guys. We want beans, brauts and beers. No more diet specials, meals for one,light, fat-free or other calorie counting meals. We want a big T Bone Steak, Baked potato and a tall beer. We want our food grilled, fried and greasy. No more baked, pouched and steamed.

These are just a few of my MANual Resolutions for the new year.

More to come…

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